Athletes Swim Like Dolphins With Jet Pack Water Boots

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Popular videographer Devin Supertramp traveled to the island of Oahu in Hawaii for his latest project. He teamed up with athletes from Aquatic Aviation to show off the new water jet pack from Rocky Mountain Fly Board. The concept is reminiscent of the jumping boots from the (flopped) Super Mario Bros. movie from the 90′s, except you need water, not mushroom power, to fly.  […]


Faceteam Performs Amazing Basketball Trick Shot Acrobatics

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Popular video director Devin Supertramp wisely chose Face Team to spot light in their latest video. The acrobatic sports team’s near superhuman moves–complimented with Devin’s videography skills and a dash of Higher–resulted in an eye pleasing viralviralvideo that has already collected over half a million views.    Read more:


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