A relic from the past finds a new home in these 25 cassette art creations from Benoit Jammes. You won’t get over how cute these are!

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It’s hard to believe but there was once a time where cassette tapes where top notch music storage devices. But as technology has rapidly advanced, so has our detachment from this ancient apparatus (Ok, maybe not ancient but you get the point). However, graphic designer and artist Benoit Jammes has taken this truly nostalgic staple […]


Renault Unveils LED-Covered Electric Car

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Automaker Renault unveiled a new electric car designed to counter perceptions that eco-friendly vehicles can’t be fun. The Twin’Z, which made its first appearance at the Salon Internazionale del Mobile, echoes naturally occurring forms in its design and can travel as fast as 50 mph. The compact Twin’Z is modeled after more conventional city cars. […]


Here Are 24 Absolutely Genius Product Packages. I’ll Take A Million Of #9!

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Presentation isn’t everything, but it sure goes a long way in determining whether or not you’re going to purchase a product. Some of these packaging designs will have you scratching your head, while others will undoubtedly leave you reaching for your wallet. Check them out! 1.) Thelma’s Cookies Imgur Imgur 2.) Green Berry Tea Imgur […]


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