Flower Shell Allows You To Plant Flowers with a Shotgun

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Per Cromwell, who works with famous Swedish marketing agency Studio Total, has come up with the perfect way to update the concept of sword into plowshares for the modern era. Their Flower Shell shotgun shells re-purpose the 12-gauge shotgun from a destructive tool to a life-giving and creative one. [Read more…] The demonstration of the […]


22 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

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Decorating Christmas tree with our family is probably among the best childhood memories we have. However, not everyone likes the idea of cutting down the trees, so people came up with an idea to replace them with artificial ones. And now, as the boundaries of imagination are only expanding, the most recent trend is the […]


Designer Creates Perfectly Useless Product Designs

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Product designers are often preoccupied with making objects that are as useful as possible. However, Katerina Kamprani, an Athens-based architect and 3d modeller, has created a series of everyday objects called “The Uncomfortable” where just the opposite is true. Instead of searching for the optimal solution to a problem, Kamprani has done the exact opposite, […]


20 Odd Vintage Products You Won’t Find Today

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Because every panda loves vintage stuff, we had no choice but to bring you another amazing collection of Vintage Products You Won’t Find Today! Of course, some of you may argue that you can actually get the inflatable life-size doll from this list, but hey – you’ll never find the free 10-day home trial period […]


Guy Turns His Old Bike Into Pedal-Powered Treehouse Elevator

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If you decide to live in a tree house, prepare yourself that the idea will also have some downsides to it as well. Ethan Schlussler from Sandpoint, Idaho eventually got tired of “climbing a ladder six and a half million times a day” just to get up to his house, and that led him to […]


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