You Won’t Believe What One Artist Can Do With Crayons. It’s The Coolest.

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Etsy user Hoang Tran makes uses crayons to create some truly spectacular art. However instead of drawing with them, Tran creates intricate carvings from them. He then sells them online. A lot of Tran’s work is inspired by pop culture (movies and TV), but he also does custom requests. Just wait until you see the detail on these carvings. I’m […]


Stunning Crayon Pixel Art By Christian Faur

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Christian Faur is a Granville, Ohio based artist who uses hundreds of thousands of individual crayons to produce a single, pixelated image. “My earliest memories of making art involve the use of wax crayons. I can still remember the pleasure of opening a new box of crayons: the distinct smell of the wax, the beautifully […]


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