The Fourth Of July With Cats

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Since it’s the Fourth of July, it only seems appropriate to have America together with cats. This is the Internet after all, cats are not optional. The Furball Kitty Cats  celebrate the 4th of July by checking out the red, white, and blue backyard decorations and listening to America The Beautiful. But once the fireworks start, they’re running to […]


Dogs Sitting on Cats Compilation (Video)

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A funny compilation of dogs sitting on cats, courtesy of Huffington Post. Seems that dogs have had enough of being bullied by cats, so they get back at them by sticking their butts in cats’ faces. Read more:


Kitten Watch Ice Skating

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There’s just something about cats that is so graceful, kind of like ice skaters. Maybe that’s why this group of Japanese cats and kittens can’t keep their eyes or paws off the TV screen showing a figure skating show. The video is naturally surging in Japan, and is shared on TastefullyO and StuffIStole.    Read more:


You Need This Ridiculously Precious Cat In Your Life. Trust Me.

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Spanish photographer and filmmaker Jesús Segura didn’t set out to become a cat photographer. Fate chose him when he found this adorable fluffy friend. Segura spent a year out of work and was in desperate need of some cheering up when he discovered Napoleon at his front door. The cat was only two months old, but […]


25 Incredible Animals That Shaped Human History

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There’s no doubt that the average human consider animals to be intellectually and mentally inferior to humankind mainly because of our scientific, technological, intellectual, and medical advancements. However, therehave been timeswhere animals have been valuable to our own history. We humans may be at the top of the food chain, but we can’t deny that […]


25 Things Cats Do That Will Make You Believe They’re Humans

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If you are a cat person and have lived with cats or should I say you have been a slave to your furry friends for years, you will be able to relate to this post. Living with cats has a huge benefit on our health, they are great stress relievers and they make fantastic companions. […]


Bane Cat: Batman Villain Returns As A Vengeful Kitty Tormenting His Owner

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In one of the most bizarre character revivals we’ve recently seen, Bloodblitz, the comedian behind the Rob’s Rants channel on Youtube, has created a short video showing what Bane, the infamous Batman villain, might have looked like if he was a cat. Sporting the iconic mask and shearling coat, Banecat seeks to eliminate his owner’s […]


Animals Trying To Stay Awake Compilation (Video)

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There’s nothing cuter than animals falling asleep and trying to fight it… via Compilariz Read more:


Cats That Pose Like Pin Up Girls (18 pics)

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As popular as the blog comparing cats to beautiful men is, it was clear that there was a market for comparisons between cats and pretty ladies as well. I can only assume that this is the reasoning behind the creation of the “Cats That Look Like Pinup Girls” Tumblr. Now ladies and gentlemen of any […]


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