Titan Smells Like Gasoline And Farts

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Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is of particular interest to scientists because of its unusually Earth-like qualities. Prior to the arrival of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, Titan was difficult to study because it is shrouded in a thick golden haze of photochemical smog that obscured its surface. Observations gathered by this instrument have transformed investigations of this […]


Mysterious Bright Object Spotted On Titan

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Astronomers scouring through images taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft last year have discovered a fleeting bright spot in one of the seas of Saturn’s moon, Titan. The intriguing feature, which has been coined “Magic Island,” had never seen observed in this sea before and it vanished again some days later. Although the scientists are uncertain […]


Radar Probes Titan’s Seas and Magic Islands

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The Cassini Space Probe has measured the depth of a 40-kilometer-long stretch of Kraken Mare, the largest sea on Saturn’s moon Titan. Shortly before capturing the first images showing Titan’s hydrocarbon seas with sunlight bouncing off of them, Cassini used radar to measure a strip of Kraken’s eastern side. Depths varied from 20 to 35 meters, but […]


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