Everyone Who Bullied This Girl For Her Looks Is Blown Away By What She’s Doing Now

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Chantelle Winnie Young-Brown, better known as Winnie Harlow, was diagnosed with a skin condition called vitiligo when she was just four years old. Vitiligo causes melanin-producing cells to malfunction, and the result is typically a patchy appearance that’s more noticeable on darker skin tones. It isn’t contagious or deadly, but the most devastating side effects […]


Amplatz Children’s Hospital Performs ‘Brave’ Music Video

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Hospitals are sterile, somber places and children’s hospitals are no exception. To bring some brightness and cheer to the Unit 5 floor, the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital commissioned this music video covering Sara Bareilles‘ hit single Brave.  Doctors, nurses, and of course the patients all performed in the lip dub video to show how brave […]


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