BMX Riders Fight Security Guards (Video)

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TCU BMX found a crazy video of these BMX riders fighting a couple of security guards! Apparently, these kids went to the mall to get some food and were asked by these security guards to leave the premises because their bikes were not allowed at the mall. The situation quickly escalated… via TCU BMX Read […]


BMX Biker Performs Epic Superman Double Backflip

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Adrenaline junkie Ethen Godfrey-Roberts has gone viral after performing a world record trick at the Nitro Circus. He basically invented his own stunt, which is appropriately named the Superman Double Backflip.  Now, this short clip has gone viral with over 575,000 hits!   Read more:


Front Forward BMX Bike Flip

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BMX biker Ryan Williams has made a name for himself for his extreme daredevil endeavors. Nitro Circus just published this epic clip from their recent European Tour of Ryan pulling off an inconceivable front forward bike flip. Just wow.   Read more:


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