Raiders Of The Lost Arc Side By Side Comparison To Classic Adventure Films

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It’s difficult to find great art that wasn’t inspired by some other great piece. The same is true in film. Even the great Steven Spielberg took inspiration from many famous films when creating Indiana Jones: Raiders Of The Lost Arc. StooTV took video from 30 different classic adventure films and compared them to memorable scene in Raiders. […]


Captivating Black And White Photography From French Photographer Benoit Courti

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French photographer Benoit Courti‘s work has enjoyed a surge of popularity online as more and more people encounter his simple, elegant and striking photographs. Courti‘s photography covers a wide spectrum of subjects, but most of his pictures retain a powerful intimacy with their subjects, especially his portraits. He is the consummate fine arts photographer, seeming […]


Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie Remix

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Just in time for Halloween, Tim Burton has remade his own 1984 Frankenweenie shortinto a full feature 3D black and white film.  To help promote the new Disney film, Melody Sheep did what he’s best at. He made an epic auto-tuned remix from just the original sounds and voices in the new cartoon with fantastic results.    Read more:


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