Vittorio Brumotti’s Road Bike Freestyle (Video)

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Italian trials master Vittorio Brumotti’s amazing tribute to Martyn Ashton‘s ‘Road Bike Party’ series. via Pinkbike Read more:


Man Riding a Tiny Bike (Video)

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World’s smallest rideable bicycle. via TO P.S If anyone knows where is the original upload, please email me. The oldest copy I could find was posted here, almost 2 months ago. UPDATE: Thanks to Arbroath, now we know that the video originates from an old Australian TV show called Cycling Sooty Park. I’d still like […]


BMX Biker Performs Epic Superman Double Backflip

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Adrenaline junkie Ethen Godfrey-Roberts has gone viral after performing a world record trick at the Nitro Circus. He basically invented his own stunt, which is appropriately named the Superman Double Backflip.  Now, this short clip has gone viral with over 575,000 hits!   Read more:


Guy Turns His Old Bike Into Pedal-Powered Treehouse Elevator

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If you decide to live in a tree house, prepare yourself that the idea will also have some downsides to it as well. Ethan Schlussler from Sandpoint, Idaho eventually got tired of “climbing a ladder six and a half million times a day” just to get up to his house, and that led him to […]


Front Forward BMX Bike Flip

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BMX biker Ryan Williams has made a name for himself for his extreme daredevil endeavors. Nitro Circus just published this epic clip from their recent European Tour of Ryan pulling off an inconceivable front forward bike flip. Just wow.   Read more:


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