Beyonce Facetimes With Fan During Concert

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During her concert in Adelaide, Australia, Beyonce “Facetimed” with one lucky fan. As she was singing her hit single Irreplaceable, and shaking the hands of front row fans, the world famous starlet noticed one fan on their iPhone.  “This is a first,” she said as she grabbed the phone, and smiled into the iPhone camera. “Hi, he’s doing […]


Help! My Girlfriend Literally Can’t Even

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Have you or your girlfriend ever been watching Beyonce and you “just can’t?” Like you “literally just can’t even?” If you’re confused just watch this trending comedy sketch by Garlic Jackson Comedy which explains the phenomenon perfectly.    Read more:


Little Girl’s Knock Knock Joke Will Ruin A Beyoncé Classic Forever (Video)

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This adorable Vine will get you through the rest of your day (and quite possibly, the rest of your life). Watch this little girl’s insanely adorable and surprisingly clever knock knock joke. It involves apples, bananas and Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love” — and that’s all we can say without ruining the punchline. Once you hear […]


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