US Marines Call Me Maybe Music Video

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Yet another Carly Rae Jepsen music video spoof has gone viral, courtesy of ABCNews, this time by US military personnel. While on down time in Afghanistan, U.S. Marines like to relax like every other American this summer. By making a Call Me Maybe dance video.   Read more:


US Airman Surprises Grandpa

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Adam wanted to surprise his family after serving in the Air Force for over a year. He nonchalantly walked up to his grandfather at a family picnic, and grandpa was blown away. Adam just says, ‘sup grandpa,’ and grandpa casually says, ‘hey,’ back before realizing it’s his grandson back from the Air Force. The he freaks […]


Military Police ‘Secure’ Porta-Potty

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The military police are all business. Even when having fun, these American military police in the desert are serious. All twelve of them perform a very funny ‘exercise’ – securing a porta-potty. The video from 2009 just recently went viral again.    Read more:


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