‘Breaking Bad’ App Turns Your Name Into Chemical Element

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For five seasons, each episode of AMC’s Emmy Award-winning series Breaking Bad has begun with a title sequence that includes the symbols for bromine and barium, Br and Ba. And now, thanks to AMC’s Breaking Bad Name Lab app, the show’s fans can generate images with symbols from the periodic table in their own names. […]


Grasket App Helps Deployed Troops Share Wish Lists With Loved Ones Overseas

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A new online app aims to help deployed troops send wish lists to friends and family overseas. Grasket describes itself as a “modern-day care package creation tool.” Targeted to deployed soldiers, sailors and airmen, users sign up for the service with their military-linked Facebook accounts or email addresses. They then place items that are sold […]


Challenge Your Favorite Athletes to Video Game Battles With OverDog

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Tackling NFL running back Adrian Peterson in real life might sound like a pipe dream, but you just might be able to take down the actual Minneapolis Vikings star in a game of Madden. That’s the concept behind new gaming platform OverDog, which connects major athletes across the NFL, MLB, NHL, WWE and other leagues […]


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