Underwater Recording Of Seal Calls Sound Like Science Fiction

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This video from 2010 just had a viral explosion of 50,000 hits in just the past few days after being posted on Reddit, and subsequently featured on io9 and TheDailyWhat. In Encounters at the End of the World, a 2007 documentary by Werner Herzog, seals underneath the ice of Antarctica were recorded. Their calls sound like lasers […]


Police Rescue Dog On Busy Highway

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After a car crash on a busy freeway in Phoenix, Arizona, a frightened family pup ran away down the road. But after one tragedy, police weren’t going to let anything happen to the dog, and made sure to rescue the pup.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/11/19/police-rescue-dog-on-busy-highway/


The Fourth Of July With Cats

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Since it’s the Fourth of July, it only seems appropriate to have America together with cats. This is the Internet after all, cats are not optional. The Furball Kitty Cats  celebrate the 4th of July by checking out the red, white, and blue backyard decorations and listening to America The Beautiful. But once the fireworks start, they’re running to […]


Stray Dog On The Brink Of Death Was Given A Home To Die In…But Then This Happened!

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When experienced animal rescuer and foster mom Valia Orfanidou came across a photo on Facebook of a stray dog roaming a rural area in Greece, she was shocked. The photo of the poor dog named Billy was like something straight out of a horror film. On top of being extremely malnourished, he suffered from mange, […]


10 Animal Haircuts That Came Out Purrfectly

The new trend out there seems to be giving pets very unique looking haircuts. Pics are then taken and are being shared all across social media. Some of them are actually pretty damn cool. But most of them are massively ridiculous, to say the least. Either way, they are all humorous! But for some of […]


Brave Zookeeper Gives Lion Pedicure

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Jamu the lion lives in South Africa’s Lion Park where he is truly treated as the king he is. Alex Larenty is the brave human whose job is it to keep Jamu happy, healthy, and looking beautiful. Basically, he’s the king’s beautician. Alex brushes Jamu, sprays him with special lion spray, and daringly even tends […]


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