Buy $120K Ruby Gemstone On Amazon!

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Buy $120K Ruby Gemstone On Amazon! Now you can buy loose gemstones on Amazon! Take a look: Did you know that you can buy a Natural Ruby, 4.01ct Gemstone for $120,300 on Amazon! Link: How about a 6.53 Carat Untreated Loose Emerald Pear Cut Gemstone for $119,499 Link: Perhaps a 9.27 Carat […]


Study: Amazon’s Ad Business Is Bigger Than Twitter’s

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Many are aware of Amazon’s robust retail and web-hosting businesses, but less are familiar with its advertising business, which is rapidly becoming a significant player in the space. Amazon brought in $450 million in advertising in revenue last year, according to eMarketer estimates published Tuesday. The company managed to increase its advertising business by nearly […]


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