Why Do Some People Have Monobrows?

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While it may take a bottle of hair dye for us to create a flashy weave that rivals the more colorful and garish members of the animal kingdom, humans do still display an incredible amount of diversity when it comes to the hair on their heads. From corkscrew locks to poker straight strands, bushy beards […]


Great white sharks can live three times longer than was previously believed

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Many shark species are in decline due to overfishing. Conservation can be difficult because sharks do not grow or mature very quickly so rebuilding population numbers takes decades. New research has shown that sharks grow even slower and can live significantly longer than what was previously believed – making rebuilding declining populations all the harder. […]


WellBe: Less Stress – Better Health – Slower Aging

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WellBe: Less Stress – Better Health – Slower Aging Click- http://thespottydogg.com/review/wellbe/ It’s All About How You Feel! The WellBe is an elegant, light-weight bracelet and mobile app designed to support your emotional well-being. Find out what your stress triggers are and learn personalized meditation and other well-being exercises to release stress and help you calm […]


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