Yet Another Reason To Burn Australia…The Mole Cricket

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Australia is well-known as the land of venomous and/or deadly creepy crawlies. However, there are plenty of reptiles and insects in the land down under that aren’t deadly, but are still plenty creepy. One of the more interesting creatures in this category is the non-life-threatening, but still all-around freaky, mole cricket. Kinda cute, right? Reddit […]


BBC Camera Crew Get Up Close And Personal With Meerkats

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While filming for Planet Earth Live in Africa, these BBC cameramen had the special opportunity to get up close and personal with the meerkats they were covering. After being studied for years, the small mammals have no fear of humans, and simply treat them as a part of the scenery. The video is featured on TheDailyWhat, Gothamist, DailyPicks, and Neatorama.  […]


Human Water Fountain from Liberia (Video)

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Meanwhile in Africa…a Liberian man drinks water like a camel and then regurgitates it back in the bottle like a human fountain… via Read more:


GravityLight To Light Up The World Commercial

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Adequate lighting is still a problem for over a billion people around the world. In many instances, villagers must use kerosene or even wood just for simple lighting, an expensive and unhealthy option. Therefore Products wanted to fix this problem, and has created the GravityLight.  The inventive light requires no fuel or alternative power source. Simply pick […]


Children Of Africa

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DevinSuperTramp, the publisher of extremely popular videos like Puppy Easter, is back from a long trip to Africa. He shows us a glimpse of Africa usually ignored by the mainstream, the Children Of Africa. Check out the original music here.    Read more:


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