I ‘Plant’ Trees In People’s Homes And Bring Animals To Life

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Hi! My name is Petrescu Silviu. I’ve been, unknowingly, in love with art since kindergarten. Back then I wasn’t thinking of something else other than drawing, colouring and having fun, pretty much like any other kid I knew. I remember I was obsessed of not crossing the contour of my drawings and using the right […]


Introducing The Most Premium CBD E Liquid Available

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Introducing the most premium CBD E Liquid available. Enecta Ambrosia E Liquid nectar with the addition of pure CBD extract and terpenes. Flavoured with organic essence and natural extract. Available in three incredible flavours. Tobacco, Peach and Hemp. Vape the most perfect nectar ever created. —>HERE What is cannabidiol (CBD)? What is CBD oil? Cannabidiol […]


Lifestraws Water Filtration Systems For Pure Water

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Let’s look at an exciting new development brought to us by the Vestergaard Frandsen Group’s (VFG) portable personal filtration system, also known as LifeStraw. Occasionally, it’s the most basic technologies that have the greatest impact on people’s lives. It is a light blue plastic tube, thicker than an ordinary straw, which contains filters that make […]


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter There’s something different about our #1, top selling water filtration device. Called the LifeStraw, it won Time magazine’s “Innovation of the Year” award. I think you’ll want it, check it out here. No other filter can say it’s won as many awards as the LifeStraw. All these publications (plus 7 more) […]


Making cash from selling your old smartphone or tablet is now as easy as 1-2-3!

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  Technollo-Sell your used smartphone OR tablet for CASH! Technollo.com-the trusted leader in the phone buyback recommence industry! Making cash from selling your old smartphone or tablet is now as easy as 1-2-3! Just CLICK, SHIP, and get PAID! Consumers strapped for cash or those expecting a shiny new tech gadget may want to consider […]


Wood Watch For Men Wooden Watches For Women

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 Our affiliate links may be commissionable. Wood Watch For Men Wooden Watches For Women Use code SHIP4FREE at checkout- http://thespottydogg.com/review/wood-watch/ WeWOOD is a leader in sustainable & eco-friendly fashion accessories. The wooden watches are made from mostly reclaimed scrap wood. WeWOOD plants a tree for every watch that is purchased. There partners, American Forests and […]


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