Steem Cash – Steem is paying new users around $10.00 to join! #steem

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Help kick-start Steem by contributing content early! Join the movement: Steem is a block chain-based social media platform where anyone can earn rewards. Anyone, of any age can take part in the Steem Cash revolution, and start building a real income by just being themselves. “The Early Bird Gets The Worm.” Cliche, yes…but true. […]


Advanced Techniques To Automate Your Abundance.

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This month at Mindvalley Academy, they are doing a phenomenal masterclass called Advanced Techniques To Automate Your Abundance. The teacher is none other than the bestselling author of Never in Your Wildest Dreams and co-founder of Mind Movies, Natalie Ledwell. Click here to grab your FREE seat >> If you don’t know, Mindvalley Academy Masterclasses […]


Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Marijuana Legalization

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Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Marijuana Legalization Grow a Super Flower?- Google”Cannabinoids, Cancer, Marijuana Legalization” and you will get hundreds of articles. You will at least be able to see the abstract of these scientific studies and you can have the proof of all the amazing work that is being done, but being suppressed. Europe […]


America’s Hardest-Working Know-It-All

View this image › Ken Jennings will admit that during his record-setting Jeopardy run of 74 straight wins in 2004, he lied to Alex Trebek. It was about airline food. The host was interviewing him after the show’s first commercial break, and by that point — Ken Jennings can’t remember exactly when it was, at […]


A Sin City Savior’s Quest To Cure The Common Hangover

View this image › In a luxury high-rise condo above the Las Vegas Strip, Dr. Jason Burke is inserting an IV catheter into the inner bend of Sancho Van Ryan’s elbow. “Let me put this in your left arm so you can text if you want.” Van Ryan, 30, works in the Las Vegas nightlife […]


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