She Was Raised To Believe Women Are Worthless. You Should See What Changed Her Mind.

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We’re trained to think about our basic privileges as having things like food, clean water, and a home. And then there are basic privileges we don’t talk about, stuff that’s so taken for granted we can’t even imagine what it’s like not to have. Here’s one of those. Read more:


A Young Boy Shines Shoes To Get By, But That's Not What Keeps Him Up At Night

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We don’t get to choose the life we’re born into, but if we’re lucky, we can decide what we try to do from there. And for some, that just might mean starting fires in the middle of the night. Read more:


You'd Never Have Expected Comedians To Take On Such A Horrible Topic In Such A Great Way

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I’m too tired and emotionally drained to see any more PSAs that guilt-trip me into charity. The fastest way to my donation is through splitting my sides with laughter. To view the rest of the videos mentioned in the trailer above, visit College Humor’s Malarious page. Read more:


For The Dignity Of His Daughter, A Father Lives A Life As 'Poop Guy'

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As a kid, it might be kind of embarrassing if your father is known as Poop Guy. But if I were the daughter of this particular Poop Guy and heard what he says at 0:27, I’d totally own it and be like, “Yeah, Dad! That’s MY dad!!” Read more:


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