Buy $120K Ruby Gemstone On Amazon!

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Buy $120K Ruby Gemstone On Amazon!
Now you can buy loose gemstones on Amazon!
Take a look:

Did you know that you can buy a Natural Ruby, 4.01ct Gemstone for $120,300 on Amazon!

How about a 6.53 Carat Untreated Loose Emerald Pear Cut Gemstone for $119,499

Perhaps a 9.27 Carat Untreated Loose Sapphire Cushion Cut Gem for $113,094 all with Free Shipping of course!

There is also clear diamonds, pink diamonds and blue dimonds amongst others on offer, ranging in price from $5k to over $100k

So where do these expensive gemstones come from?

Taken from the description of the 3.03 Ct. | Emerald Cut | D Color | IF Clarity | U.S. Man Made Diamond

“Referred To As Lab Grown Diamond, Created Diamond, Man Made Diamond or Synthetic Diamond
Every diamond is accompanied by an International Gemological Institute Grading Report and a Certificate of Eco-Friendly Origin.
Lab Grown Diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. The only distinction between Lab Grown and earth mined diamonds are their point of origin. You are guaranteed a known origin that is free from any human conflict, full disclosure with laser inscription and commitment to transparency, assures you that Lab Grown Diamonds are a socially responsible choice. Our diamonds are grown in a high-tech advanced facility using a minimal amount of energy and have a negligible impact on the environment. Lab Grown diamonds support the sustainability of natural systems and our environment, allowing future generations to have the natural resources they need.”

Although it seems not all Gemstones are lab grown..

GemsNY offer this description for their $113k Sapphire…

“This beautiful Sapphire comes from the Madagascar mines. It has intense blue color, FL eye clarity, excellent brilliance and no treatment. All gemstones at GemsNY are 100% natural. No lab created or synthetic gemstones are sold. All gemstones are ethically sourced.”

As you’re probably aware the issues behind sourcing gemstones ethically are complex – where the politics are OK, the environmental impact may not be or there may be human rights issues. It is impossible at the moment to guarantee every one of these will be OK for each gemstone, given the difficulty of tracing them down the supply chain, although thanks to the ‘Kimberley Process’ suppliers can be very sure that they never use conflict gemstones.
Kimberley Process:

Man Made Gemstones
Cubic zirconia and crystal are examples of stones that are always man-made while ruby and spinel are both found in nature and created in laboratories. Synthetic ruby and synthetic spinel look virtually identical to natural ruby and natural spinel and have essentially the same chemical composition and structure.
They may mimic or reproduce natural processes and use the same ingredients found in the natural stones. However, these processes are not occurring in nature.

Should Treated Natural Gemstones Be Considered Created Gemstones?
There are many gemstone treatments and enhancements used to improve natural gemstone rough. For example, heat is often used on sapphire to improve color and melt silk inclusions. Some people would say all treated stones should be considered synthetic or created gemstones.

Ethical Gemstones
One option that has recently started to be available is gemstones mined under Fairtrade principles.
Whilst there are no certified Fairtrade coloured gemstones yet, dealers are able to source sapphires, spinel, ruby, garnet, peridot, tanzanite and tourmaline which have been sourced from suppliers who work on fairly traded principles and who do all they can to ensure their stones are from ethical sources.

Take a look:

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