Astronauts On The ISS Answer Google Autocomplete Questions



Google autocomplete is a very useful tool, and it can often cause accidental hilarity (“PDF,”for example, is the 4th most popular religion) while also showing us questions that people cant find an answer to anywhere else.

To satisfy a small chunk of this curiosity, Wired interviewed NASA astronauts Jeff Williams and Tim Kopra,as well as ESA astronaut Tim Peake, and asked them to answer some of Googles autocomplete questions on what astronauts do in space.

The questions ranged from simple ones like if astronauts drink Tang to political questions like voting rights and passport requirements on the International Space Station. The three astronauts didn’t shy away from more private questions either, like if they wear diapers or if they are allowed to have piercings, and even whether they drink their own pee.

Lastly, they also answered the question of the decade (or perhaps century): Can humans colonize Mars?

Check out their answers in the video below:

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