CBD For Dogs – CBD Oil For Dogs Health #cbd

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CBD For Dogs – CBD Oil For Dogs Health #cbd
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CBDPet helps pets suffering from declining health, including physical, mental and behavioral concerns.

Why Losing A Dog Can Be Harder Than Losing A Relative Or Friend.

When people who have never had a dog see their dog-owning friends mourn the loss of a pet, they probably think it’s all a bit of an overreaction; after all, it’s “just a dog.”

However, those who have loved a dog know the truth: Your own pet is never “just a dog.”

Perhaps one reason our relationships with dogs can be even more satisfying than our human relationships is that dogs provide us with such unconditional, uncritical positive feedback.

This is no accident. They have been selectively bred through generations to pay attention to people, and MRI scans show that dog brains respond to praise from their owners just as strongly as they do to food (and for some dogs, praise is an even more effective incentive than food).
Dogs recognize people and can learn to interpret human emotional states from facial expression alone.
Scientific studies also indicate that dogs can understand human intentions, try to help their owners and even avoid people who don’t cooperate with their owners or treat them well.

So what if your dog is suffering from declining health, including physical, mental and behavioral concerns.

Your Furry Companion Deserves Natural Relief.

Using CBD For Dogs and Cats.

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), so your pet cat or dog can benefit from using CBD as a food supplement just like you.

Birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, even sea urchins, in fact all animals except insects seem to have an ECS, though not exactly the same or as well developed as it is in mammals.

There is now quite a lot of experience in giving CBD to dogs but much less for other animals so it’s sensible to be very cautious and go slowly if you think your pet would benefit.

Just as in humans, regular use of CBD is particularly helpful for the effects of aging.
Many people find CBD can help support older dogs but although it seems obvious, do remember that even a large dog is much, much smaller than you.
A labrador or a retriever, for instance, is going to be at most one-third the body weight of an adult human, so it would be sensible to start with perhaps one-quarter of the dose you might give yourself.
For a smaller dog or a cat the dose needs to be even smaller.


“When Rosie started having epileptic seizures, it added a big scare to my family’s lives. She is like another one of my children and I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, my friend Anita told me to try CBD oil and it’s been like a miracle for us. I love that I’m giving her something natural too.”… Stella (Knoxville, TN)

“Daisy, my rescued Chihuahua, severely suffered with past trauma. I tried different natural remedies, but it wasn’t until I added CBDPet to her daily routine that I noticed a huge difference. She has stopped shaking, is very calm, and we have now had the chance to bond more.”… David (Portland, OR)

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USA Click: http://thespottydogg.com/review/cbd-dogs/
UK/EURO: http://thespottydogg.com/review/cbd-dogs-uk/

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