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Music is a vibe.
Vibe is a sound.
Sound is a frequency.
We are all water.
Frequency affects water.
Everything has frequency.
Everything reacts to frequency.
Everything is connected.

KALEIDOSCOPE (UK) – Sky Children
Tangerine Dream is Kaleidoscope’s debut album released on Fontana Records in November 24, 1967.
Though not as popular as the U.S. Kaleidoscope, this British band was also a band from the psychedelic movement with moderate domestic success, and just enough international exposure to have this album recognized in the genre’s catalog and regarded as one of the best in the same.
Now sought by collectors and highly acclaimed by critics and fans this album has been musically compared to Nirvana’s The Story of Simon Simopath and Pink Floyd’s The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

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