This Started Out Scary. But By The End, I Was Smiling At My Computer Like An Idiot.

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After taking one look at these photos, your reaction will be this:  HUH? It seems like this cuddly pile of cute is just a few ferrets napping, but if you look closer you’ll see a kitten snuggled up beside them. Ned the kitten was brought into a family of ferrets quite reluctantly. His owner was afraid that they would not get along at all. She couldn’t have possibly been more wrong. Prepare for extreme cuteness.

During the summer, a kitten was found and taken into a home with multiple ferrets. The owner was worried about introducing the two very different animals…

But, as it turns out, he had nothing to worry about.

Ned, the kitten, and the ferrets got along better than anyone could have expected.

The animals didn’t care that they looked different.

They loved having cuddle piles just the same.

Lots and lots of cuddle piles.

As Ned grew up, he and the ferrets grew even closer.


Shenanigans were had together.

Mostly, though, the best friends loved napping together.

“Excuse us, but we were sleeping.”

Even though Ned is almost full grown, he isn’t growing out of his friendship with the ferrets.

They will be best friends – FOREVER.

These adorable friends show the world that when you judge someone, all you’re really doing is losing a potential friend. Source

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