What she smears on her butt, everyone has at home – but nobody uses it!

Coffee is the go-to beverage of choice for millions of people.

It gives us that get-up-and-go feeling first thing in the morning and many of us couldnt imagine how we would function without it! Well, coffee has other value besides keeping us on the move. Take the grounds for instance. Most people toss their coffee grounds in the trash after use. But it turns out there are many important uses for leftover coffee grounds.


Coffee grounds make really good fertilizer. Rich in nutrients, it contains nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, all of which are excellent for plant growth.

2.Remedy for Cellulite.
While there are all kinds of expensive potions and lotions to combat cellulite, you may be throwing away one of the best solutions every single day – coffee grounds! Combined with oil, this can be a great remedy for combating cellulite.

Coffee grounds are excellent for composting. If you have a compost pile in your garden, you should definitely include your used grounds. Worms are important for compost piles and coffee grounds can effectively attract those worms.

4. Snail Prevention.
Snails hate coffee grounds! So if you are having a snail problem in your garden, simply sprinkle some grounds around and you should effectively prevent snails from invading your veggies.

5.Ant Prevention.

Just like snail prevention, coffee grounds are effective for ant prevention. Apparently the smell of the grounds are so strong that they deter ants from invading your space.

6. Wasp Prevention.

You can also prevent wasps from invading, but you will have to do things a little different. Take your grounds and put them in a firesafe jar. Then light the grounds with a match or lighter. The scent is one which wasps are very attuned to and it will keep them away.

7. Cat Prevention.

Believe it or not, you can even use coffee grounds to prevent stray cats from lurking around your property or getting into your garbage. Just sprinkle some coffee ground around and it will deter cats from hanging around.

8. Soap.

You can actually use it as a form of soap as it has the aforementioned skin tightening effect as well as having a peeling effect.

9. In the Fridge.

Coffee grounds can neutralize all the various smells from food you have placed in the fridge. Put 1 cup of grounds in there and notice how any smells are now kept at bay.

10. Cleaning.

Coffee grounds have a great abrasive quality to them, making them perfect for cleaning. Pots and pans can be scrubbed with grounds, giving you a natural clean, free from the usual chemicals found in standard cleaning products.

11. Hair.

You can make your own coffee ground conditioner to add to your hair, creating a radiant, shiny look. This generally only works for dark hair types.

12. Bags Under Eyes.

Heres another natural beauty tip using coffee grounds. Put together a mixture of grounds and olive oil and you now have the perfect solution for getting rid of those bags under your eyes.

13. Grill Grime.

Everyone looks forward to a good barbecue. No one looks forward to cleaning the grill. But if you use coffee grounds, then the clean up will be cake. Just put some on a sponge and scrub. Add some warm water and that grime will easily come off.

14. Flea Prevention.

You find some fleas on your pet and you panic! You run out and get all kinds of collars and potions, but all you really need are some coffee grounds. Take some grounds and rub it into his or her fur and it should get rid of those darn fleas!

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