Drug Trial Leaves One ‘Brain-Dead’ And Others Seriously Ill

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One person is understood to be ‘brain-dead’ and five others are in a critical condition after taking part in a medical trial in France.

An unnamed European laboratory was testing a new drug on participants. The French health ministry did not say what the medicine is, but the French media is suggesting that it was a cannabis-based painkiller.

The study was a phase one clinical trial, in which healthy volunteers take the medication to evaluate the safety of its use, tolerance and pharmacological profile of the molecule

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The patients were all in good health until taking the drug. The French ministry said:

“This test was carried out at a private establishment specialised in carrying out clinical trials.”

All trials on the drug at the clinic in Rennes have now been suspended, and the firm is recalling volunteers. The exact number of people taking part is unclear.

Some of you may remember the Northwick Park drug trial that happened a decade ago, six men were injected withTGN1412 and suffered from multiple organ failure.

Officials have launched an investigation into what has happened at the clinic in France.

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