1 Question Haunts Her for 44 YearsWhen She Sees This Nurses Eyes, Her Goosebumps Tell ALL

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Something in her face and eyes reminded her of someone…

For 44 years, Lynn Bartos wondered if her career as a nurse ever made a difference. She poured her heart and soul into her career, but in the end, she always had a burning desire to know if what she did ever really mattered.

Well, when she retired and walked back into the hospital as a patient, she got her answer in the most startling way. When she came face-to-face with the nurse caring for her Rheumatoid arthritis, Lynn immediately got goosebumps. She just knew she saw that face somewhere before.

Watch Lynn get the answer to her question after an unexpected turn of events leads her to the little girl she cared for 28 years ago.

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