The Internet Is Going Crazy For This Kid’s Hilarious Homework Mistake

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Summer is fast approaching, exams are coming and students are stressed.

This makes is easy for people to make really stupid mistakes…

We’ve all been there. When you’re so tired and bored that you miss something that’s staring you right in the face, or get something completely basic (that you’ve known forever) wrong. Or, you just completely mishear what your teacher has asked for, and do your homework assignment on completely the wrong thing..

That’s what happened to Twitter user @johnnnn_d. His teacher asked him to do a report on “euthanasia”. He heard “youth in Asia”. And so this happened:

His tweet has gone viral, with a whole load of people relating to his all-too-easy to make mistake…

If there is one lesson to be learnt from this, is that we all make mistakes. Some of them are just more hilarious than others…

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