Mom calls for help after furnace breaks, then she sees this on repairman’s bill

Mom Called for a Repairman to Fix a Broken Heater, What He Does Will Fix the Broken Heater in Your Heart

It’s getting cold outside almost everywhere you go, and for Bridget Stevens and her two sons that meant keeping the heater turned on. One cold night they arrived home to discover that the heater refused to kick on, and the house had already dropped to around 50.

Because her husband was deployed, Mrs. Stevens tried desperately to figure it out herself and unfortunately wasn’t able to, even with the help of Paul Betlyn on the phone – owner of Betlyn Heating and Cooling. So Mr. Betlyn decided to go out to her house himself and really fix the problem for her. Of course Stevens was excited to have her heater fixed, but what she wasn’t excited for was the bill. Well as it turns out the bill wouldn’t hit her nearly as hard as she thought, because Betlyn had placed a “Deployment Discount” on the whole thing, which ended up costing a mere dollar.

Any other type of compensation led to refusals, as Betlyn stated that the $1 itself was a joke and asked her to give her husband his best wishes. It’s amazing what people will do all for the sake of being nice!

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