There’s A New Way To View All Your Snapchat Stories At The End Of The Month

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Are you one of those that likes to watch your Snapchat story back at the end of the day? Or do the months just become all blurry because you’re such a huge maverick (or just forgetful)?

There’s a newway that to view all your Snapchat stories at the end of the month. Get ready for selfies with randoms that you can’t remember, a gluttony of face filters, and of course tons of witty banter.

You can do it all through My Snap Memories. It’s a site that you add as a friend on Snapchat to enable them to see all your mischief. They store it up and email it to you at the end of the month, thus budgeting on the oldphone memory.

This could be viewed one of two ways. if your that one friend that always sends really cringe drunken snaps (Damien) then you may not want reminding, but for the rest of you folks it could be a fun and nostalgia fueled way of keepingyour memory topped up.

H/T: Hollywood Life

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