Community Post: 9 Signs That You Can’t Live Without BuzzFeed

1. You start reading a post…

2. And then you’ll see that there’s tons of articles, what do you do?

You’ll end up opening loads of tabs with posts, going in a cycle for hours.

3. Then there’s the quizzes…

You’ll find out a whole load of exciting stuff about yourself, like which flavour ice cream you’d be or which character from a film or tv show, ah it’s just so fun.

4. Now it comes to the part when you start annoying everyone, you share loads of posts to your social media and tag friends too!

5. BuzzFeed then becomes a daily routine, checking it every day or whenever you’re online.

You live and breathe by it!

6. It becomes the one thing you talk about, it has everything!

Bad thing is, nobody understands your love for it!

7. The best thing is when you discover that you can create your very own account and get this, write your own posts!

eek so exciting!

8. You then continuously check your dashboard to see how many views you’ve got…


9. But the main dream is that one day you’ll get discovered and get employed by BuzzFeed to write posts.

Now that would be a dream come true!

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