Community Post: 15 Reasons Dean Winchester From “Supernatural” Is The Perfect Man

1. He can be a bit of a nerd sometimes

He’s not just a hunk of manly muscle

2. He can appropriately express his feelings through facial expressions

Most notably, disgust. With facial expressions like this, you’ll never have to second guess if you look good

3. He looks great in uniform

Okay. He even looks mega hot in a gym teacher’s uniform. Which is something-how many hot gym teachers do you know?

4. He’s an older brother

When he takes care of his Sam it’s just….adorable. *swoon*

5. He’s Blunt

Dean won’t be playing any mind games with you

6. He know hows to defend himself

He can pack a gun, wield an axe, and do a bunch of other stuff. He can totally protect you

7. Those green eyes…

I mean, seriously, they’re perfect

8. He’s Confident

No one wants to date someone that’s insecure

9. He’s a good driver

And he always has the best music in his car

10. He has a sensitive side

11. He has great friends

Who wouldn’t want to hang out with Sam and Cas?

12. He loves pie

Who doesn’t like sweets!? Imagine all the pie dates…

13. He’s extremely protective

And not just of his car or brother…

14. He can wear the hell out of a leather jacket

15. He’s amazingly hot


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