Community Post: 10 Things I Wish People Would Stop Doing On Airplanes.

1. Smelling bad. Shower prior to your flight. It’s not hard people.

2. Asking to switch seats – Have you heard of the internet? Do you have phones? It’s not that hard to rearrange seats prior to boarding.

3. Overhead bin violations – No I don’t want to put my bag at my feet so you can store your bag in the overhead bin.

4. Bringing smelly food onboard. Pickled cauliflower, really?

5. Using the headrest in front to stand up. Heard of armrests? Use them.

6. Talking. I’m all for very small doses of polite chit chat but nothing beyond that please.

7. Not patrolling the kids – kids running up and down the aisles? Nuh uh, that’s not ok.

8. Snoring. I’m guessing you’re aware that you snore. So why do it when you’re on a plane with hundreds of other people?

9. Dozing on my side of the armrest (sleeping on my shoulder) – if you can’t sleep without bothering those around you then don’t sleep. End of story.

10. Reclining too far. You know what happens when you recline your seat? My shit goes flying. FLYING.

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