So What Kind Of Summer Did You Actually Have This Year?

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It’s time to review your summer checklist.

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    1. ✓ Go to the beach?
    2. ✓ Build a sandcastle?
    3. ✓ Go swimming in a pool?
    4. ✓ Go swimming in a lake?
    5. ✓ Go swimming in the ocean?
    6. ✓ Go on a boat?
    7. ✓ Attend an outdoor party?
    8. ✓ Go to a concert?
    9. ✓ Lay outside?
    10. ✓ Get a sunburn?
    11. ✓ Wash a car outside?
    12. ✓ Draw with chalk?
    13. ✓ Plant something?
    14. ✓ Play a backyard game?
    15. ✓ Buy something from a garage sale?
    16. ✓ Have a picnic?
    17. ✓ Eat corn on the cob?
    18. ✓ Eat watermelon?
    19. ✓ Drink sangria?
    20. ✓ Buy ice cream from an ice cream truck?
    21. ✓ Eat a snow cone?
    22. ✓ Eat a popsicle?
    23. ✓ Have a barbecue?
    24. ✓ Sit on a park bench?
    25. ✓ Sit on a swing?
    26. ✓ Go fishing?
    27. ✓ Go camping?
    28. ✓ Go hiking?
    29. ✓ Take a bike ride?
    30. ✓ Take a road trip?
    31. ✓ Roll up your pants leg?
    32. ✓ Walk barefoot?
    33. ✓ Put on a bathing suit?
    34. ✓ Spend all day in a bathing suit?
    35. ✓ Have a water fight?
    36. ✓ Sleep with the windows open?
    37. ✓ Go to a baseball game?
    38. ✓ Go to an amusement park?
    39. ✓ Go to a fair/carnival?
    40. ✓ Go to the zoo?
    41. ✓ Go to a parade?
    42. ✓ Go on a date?
    43. ✓ Go on vacation?
    44. ✓ Dance outside?
    45. ✓ Read a book outside?
    46. ✓ Daydream with the clouds?
    47. ✓ Play in the sprinkler?
    48. ✓ Play with a sparkler?
    49. ✓ See fireworks?
    50. ✓ Stare at the night sky?
    51. ✓ Make s’mores?
    52. ✓ Stay up all night?
    53. ✓ Watch the sun set?
    54. ✓ Sleep in?
    55. ✓ Take a nap in the sun?
    56. ✓ Get super sweaty?
    57. ✓ Take photos?
    58. ✓ Smile a lot?
    59. ✓ Make new memories?
    60. ✓ Make new friends?

Show me my results!

So What Kind Of Summer Did You Actually Have This Year?

  1. You had a rather quiet summer. Perhaps it was by choice or maybe you just didn’t get around to doing all the things you had planned. Oh well. At least you didn’t get super sweaty. Unless you did. In which case, I’m sorry. But not that sorry. Blame Mother Nature. Or global warming. Your choice.

  2. You can’t believe summer is already over! You had so many things planned, but once again, the summer months just flew by. That being said, you were able to try a few new things and relax, so even though it felt short, you had a decent summer.

  3. You had a pretty darn good summer. Looking at this list made you realize that you wanted to do so much more, but you were able to relax and have fun with your friends, and that’s what summer is really all about. Well, that and eating good food. Which you also did. Nice job on that.

  4. Congrats! You had a great summer! You pretty much did everything that you wanted to do, and if there were a montage of your summer life, I bet people would watch it and just be so jealous.

  5. Congratulations! You had an amazing summer! Way better than the one Danny and Sandy had in “Grease” and basically equivalent to the day Ferris Bueller took off. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a movie about the summer you just had. Well done, person I now want to be best friends with.


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