If Vince Vaughn Invented Instagram…

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Don’t know if you saw the movie “The Internship” but it

was hilarious.

Vince Vaughn played an old school sales guy that got a

gig as an intern at Google.

In a group project he conceived an app (that he called

“Exchange­o­Gram”) that did exactly what Instagram does.

Now, Vince is a business guy. If HE’D made Instagram, it

would be a lot more user friendly.

People could use it from their home computers, not just

their phones.

And they’d be able to monetize any piece of viral content

to build their businesses. Because as funny as Vince is,

he also likes making money.

Well … Vince didn’t make Instagram. But my pal Luke made

something even better. A web­based software that works

WITH your Instagram accounts and automates everything

so you can make serious cash on autopilot.

Instagram is hot ­ in fact it’s the fastest growing social

network out there, and it’s completely untapped.

This software literally automates AND monetizes the

world’s most viral content for you.

Result? Zero cost, viral traffic… and the chance to bank

5 to 6 figures PER MONTH.

Proof’s in the pudding, right?

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You’ll see all the proof, live in front of your eyes.

Vince would be proud.

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