Community Post: 12 Things Aspiring Creatives Will Totally Understand

1. The peculiar pain of being rejected for an unpaid internship you didn’t even want

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2. That moment when you think ‘My parents were right: I should have done a law degree instead’

3. That an entire day spent perfecting your website is definitely a legitimate and productive use of time


4. The joy of ‘double-jobbing’


5. Trying to appear happy (rather than consumed by envy) when your fellow creative friend lands an amazing gig

6. And trying to play it cool when you’re the one with the amazing gig

7. Crafting the perfect casual ‘hey there, remember me’ email to your ‘contacts’ (i.e. someone you once interned for)


8. The need to hero worship/stalk the successful people in your field (then worry if you will ever achieve that level of success)

9. Why this video needs daily viewing

Video available at:

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10. That moment when you hear how much your corporate peers earn

11. What would happen if you had a corporate job


12. Because deep down doing something creative is what you’re meant to do (so there isn’t really any other option)

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