Which Lion Couple Is Cuter: M’bari And Etosha Or Izu And Oshana?

M’bari + Etosha and Izu + Oshana are two lion couples at the San Diego Zoo. Both are adorable… but only one can win this cute off.


3. Our players: M’bari a male lion.

4. And Etosha, a female lion.

5. M’bari and Etosha are like a really cute couple.

6. They’re always makin’ out.

8. It’s love, guys.


10. Introducing Izu and Oshana.

11. They’re more of the snuggling type.

12. Though they still sneak in a few kisses.

13. They’re also really cute.

14. Especially when Izu ambushes her.

15. Sometimes he bites her head.

So, who’s cuter?

Please vote in the comments!

All photos were taken by Darrell Ybarrondo.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/mjs538/which-lion-couple-is-cuter-mbari-and-etosha-or-izu-and-oshan

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