Why Dominic Monaghan Never Watched The Ending Of “Lost”

When asked why he couldn’t watch it now…

Hey, Lost fans, want to know something kinda messed up? Dominic Monaghan never watched the ending of the series. Even though he was in it and totally could’ve DVR’d it if he was busy. But, whatever, apparently he’s never going to watch it. Sigh.

And because we don’t buy all of these excuses he gave to HuffPost Live, we’ve got some theories of our own…

1. He couldn’t watch the “Lost” finale because he’s had this little pest problem in his house.

And it’s all because of his new show, Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan.

Actually, it’s pretty bad, to be fair.

2. Plus, it took him years of soaking in the tub to get that permanent marker message off of his palm.

Seriously, he sacrificed for his craft.

3. He’s been playing Hobbit with Elijah Wood in the forest and it’s hard to get reception out there!

4. These tweets about Matthew Fox resulted in a restraining order where he’s physically not allowed within 500 feet of a “Lost” boxed set.

5. Dom’s little mustache hates saying goodbye and finales in general.

Getty Images

It only likes fancy bowties.

6. He’s been too busy trying to gain weight so he can one day pass as a viable Santa for his future grandchildren.

Getty Images

Keep reaching for the stars, guy!

7. He was swamped trying to make Megan Fox love the way he lies in this Eminem and Rihanna music video.

8. He was a little preoccupied with the fact that he might actually be a bee.

Maury Phillips / WireImage

Please, be a bee.

9. He’s passive aggressively avoiding the finale, because no one bothered to answer his initial question on “Lost.”

Actually, we’re a little peeved about that too.

10. Plus, he heard the finale wasn’t that great anyway.

Actually, now that we think about it, don’t bother, Dom!

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