Community Post: 14 Eeriest Graveyards For Non Living Things

1. The tugboat graveyard in Staten Island, New York.

2. The Uyuni Train Cemetery in Uyuni, Bolivia.

3. The Purton Boat Graveyard in Gloucestershire, UK.

4. Unnamed payphone graveyard in Manhattan, New York.

5. The BigBoy Graveyard, Michigan.

6. Fiberglass mold yard, Sparta, Wisconsin.

7. Unnamed arcade machine graveyard at an undisclosed location in Arizona.

Read a bit about it here.

8. Unnamed pinball and arcade game machine graveyard in the French countryside.

If you speak French or trust in Google translate, here’s a story about it.

9. The Ben and Jerry’s ice cream graveyard, Vermont.

10. Tank graveyard, Fort Knox, Kentucky.

11. Mallows Bay ship graveyard, Maryland.

12. Radioactive vehicle graveyard, Chernobyl.

Read about it and see more picshere.

13. Car graveyard. Varmland County, Sweden

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