Which Chemical Element Are You?

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I would have taken another quiz, but all the good ones Argon.

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    1. ✓ Volunteer at the local animal shelter.
    2. ✓ Spring clean the house.
    3. ✓ Cook delicious food.
    4. ✓ Read comic books.
    5. ✓ Train for a triathlon.
    6. ✓ Hang out with friends at home.
    7. ✓ Get into a fight.
    8. ✓ Go out dancing.
    9. ✓ Go wherever life takes you.
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Which Chemical Element Are You?

  1. You got: Argon

    You’re extremely chilled out and don’t let anyone ruffle your feathers. While it takes a while to get to know you, people are glad when they do. And you can always diffuse an argument gracefully, which comes in handy.

    Alchemist-hp / Via en.wikipedia.org

  2. You got: Helium

    You’re friendly and good fun to be around. You can get a little lightheaded occasionally, but know when to chill out and put yourself to good use. (Like in a party balloon, or cryogenic freezing system.)

    Flickr: lorenabuena / Creative Commons

  3. You got: Hydrogen

    You’re a bit of a minimalist at heart and prefer a simple life. People shouldn’t undervalue you, because without you life would be a lot less livable. And you make up most of the universe, so there is that.

    Observatory Kempten / Via images-of-elements.com

  4. You got: Carbon

    You’re versatile and dependable and know how to organise a good party. Your friends are glad to know you, because if you weren’t around, people would fall apart. (Literally, given that life on Earth is carbon-based.)

    Via en.wikipedia.org

  5. You got: Oxygen

    You’re the life and soul of a party. People sometimes take you for granted, but you’re quick to prove to them that they’d struggle if you weren’t around. You are one of the most abundant elements on Earth, after all.

    images-of-elements.com / Creative Commons

  6. You got: Iron

    You’re a softie at heart, but don’t like others to know it. Your flaws just make you stronger. And you make up most of Earth’s outer and inner core. Keep up the good work!

    Flickr: waiferx / Creative Commons

  7. You got: Nitrogen

    People sometimes take you for granted. But without you around, life is a lot duller. Not forgetting that you make up almost 80% of the atmosphere, and are a vital component in DNA.

    images-of-elements.com / Creative Commons

  8. You got: Aluminium

    You’re cool and adaptable. You make yourself at home in most situations, but you’re happiest in your own space. Which there’s a lot of, because you’re the most abundant metal on Earth.

    images-of-elements.com / Creative Commons

  9. You got: Silicon

    You’re the first with new technology and keep ahead of the curve. People often think of you as modern, but you’ve been making yourself useful a long time — including in radar components during World War II.

    Via en.wikipedia.org

  10. You got: Phosphorus

    You’re quick to react and like to hang around outside and be with nature. Sadly you may soon be in short supply, so make sure people don’t take you for granted.

  11. You got: Chlorine

    You’re easy-going and friendly. You work well with others and you’re happiest when you’re helping people less fortunate than yourself.

    images-of-elements.com / Creative Commons

  12. You got: Potassium

    You’re graceful and cool, but can react quickly when you need to. Often found by the sea, you’re essential for the function of all living cells.

    images-of-elements.com / Creative Commons

  13. You got: Titanium

    You’re hard as nails but light as a feather. Sea water and chlorine don’t scare (or corrode) you, so come in handy for submarine makers, among others. Keep it up!

    Alchemist-hp / Via en.wikipedia.org

  14. You got: Copper

    You’re unique and enchanting. You’ve been useful to humans for thousands of years and are essential for all living organisms. Yay!

    Jonathan Zander (Digon3) / Via en.wikipedia.org

  15. You got: Zinc

    You’re hardworking and conscientious. Though you don’t burn quite as brightly as your sister element magnesium, you are exceptionally important to human health. Good for you.

    images-of-elements.com / Creative Commons

  16. You got: Arsenic

    You can be deadly when you want to be, and you make sure everyone knows it. Deep down you have a heart of gold, but you’re very good at hiding it when you want to.

    Via en.wikipedia.org

  17. You got: Krypton

    You’re beautiful and rare and everyone wants to get to know you. You have plenty of uses, including in lighting and photography. It does get annoying when everyone keeps getting you confused with Superman’s home planet, though.

    images-of-elements.com / Creative Commons

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