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Seriously Stoked - Go Pro with GoPro - HomeClick Image To Visit SiteAfter months of waiting, I finally saved up enough cash to go buy myself a brand new GoPro along with dozens of mounts and other accessories. I immediately headed home, grabbed my snowboard and hit the slopes. Standing at the summit, I quickly realized I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. "Is is recording? What settings do I use? How and where do I mount this thing? Which way is up? What does the flashing mean?! How the heck do I work this thing?!" After I got back home, I realized that half of the time it wasn’t even recording… Instead of recoding all my awesome ramp and rail shots, I ended up scouring YouTube and other sites for hours just trying to figure out how to work my new GoPro. I had no idea what settings to use, how to change them, or even how to get the thing to start recording in the first place. "How do use this thing? And how can I start making awesome videos like the guys on YouTube?! Why do their footage look so much cooler than mine?!" After a few more days of snowboarding and going through pointless raw footage I came to this conclusion… "This was a complete waste of $400! I’d be better off just getting rid of it…" ​(sounds familiar doesn’t it?) After hours of searching on YouTube with not much success I found your eBook. It completely solved all of my problems and frustrations. It guided me through pretty much everything I wanted to know and completely changed the way I shoot and edit GoPro footage. ​Now I get tons of likes on my videos and pictures!

Hey guys my name is Evan and that short testimonial is just one of many I get to read on a regular basis. "Wait, so who are you?" I, Evan(the guy behind SeriouslyStoked) created this website about a year ago to help individuals like you learn how to use their GoPros correctly! So far we have helped tons of GoPro owners and it’s been one awesome ride! We quickly realized that tons of people are having issues with their GoPros. Think about it, GoPro has sold over 10 million cameras and 90% of people are missing just a few small tips that could completely change and turn their raw footage into completely radical videos. So here’s what I did. In order to help you guys make the most of your $400 investment and not waste it, I spent quite a few hours searching the web for the top questions people were asking about their GoPros. After an entire summer of shooting, editing, wakeboarding, getting concussions, skateboarding, swimming, cussing, traveling, and breaking my face(literally), I came up with an entire word document full of tips and tricks of what I did right, and what I did wrong. I then turned it into an eBook that will give you all the essentials to begin shooting and editing bad ass… Read more…

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