Here’s To The Amazing Animals Who Give Us Yarn

1. When done properly, shearing is a process that doesn’t hurt the animals involved, and can even save them from the pain of carrying excess weight.

But knitters, crocheters, and fiber-lovers alike still owe a big thank-you to…

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9. Angora Rabbits

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Soooooo flufffffffyyyyyyyyyyy.

12. Angora Goats


Not to be confused with their identically-named rabbit brethren, angora goats don’t provide angora yarn but rather mohair.

15. Cashmere Goats





The family that beards together stays together.

They’re responsible for qiviut, which is one of the nicest yarns you can possibly buy (and the most expensive — I’ve seen skeins go for nearly $100 apiece because of their warmth, durability, and seeming inability to shrink).

22. Not this impostor cat.

Although don’t knock crafting with cat hair until you try it.

23. And of course, the classic sheep.


26. So next time you pick up a skein (or seven) of your favorite yarn, remember to say thanks to the little dude who gave it to you.

A sweater or two should do the trick.

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