Why You Can’t Even Enjoy Chocolate Anymore [VIDEO]

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The world’s love of chocolate borders on irrational. What is truly irrational — and sad, unjust, enraging — are the conditions under which some of it is made. Share this video and end this injustice once and for all. Thousands of children’s lives depend on it.

There is so much to be
disturbed about in this video that I distilled it to the “lowlights” for you:

(1:20) The journey
into darkness begins at a chocolate industry fair in Cologne, Germany.

(5:00) Investigating child smuggling in Mali.

(9:20) The interruption of a trafficking attempt in
progress, and an interview with the rescued 12-year-old girl.

(16:30) We see actual trafficking in progress, from Mali
into the Ivory Coast.

(21:55) An overview of the worldwide chocolate production
process, from bean to bar.

(23:20) A cocoa exporter denies the existence of child
trafficking and slavery in cocoa harvesting.

(29:00) The investigative crew goes to the supplier
plantations to see for themselves.

(38:45) A confrontation with the exporter to reveal their

(44:00) A trip to Nestlé’s headquarters in Switzerland
displays, to its face, the truly dark side of chocolate.

Read more: http://upworthy.com/why-you-cant-even-enjoy-chocolate-anymore

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