The 5 Wheel Of Fortune Secrets You Never Knew

Before we get started, I need to mention that the purpose of this post is not to brag about how totally awesome I am for having been selected as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, it is to simply inform you on the inner-workings on the greatest game show in history. Don’t be a jealous gyllenhaal.

2. Every Contestant Is The Same Height

This is to eliminate any unfairness with spinning the wheel. Before the show, the contestants stand on the platform behind their station to have it raised or lowered.

3. All The Shows For The Week Are Filmed In A Day

Pat and Vanna take about a 15-20 minute break in between shows for a wardrobe change. You also may have noticed that contestants from the other shows are in the audience all week long!

4. If You Don’t Win Anything, They Give You $1000

Everyone goes home a winner!

5. There’s A Secret Used Letter Board

So anytime a contestant yells out a letter that’s already been said…they’re being very dumb or they’re buying time

6. The Wheel Isn’t Really THAT Big

They make that wheel look huge on TV. Maybe it’s the camera angles, maybe it’s the fact that you have to stretch to get to it…maybe I was just naive. The truth is that the wheel is only about 6 feet in diameter.

Now you’re prepared to dominate. There are several rounds of auditions every year where they find new contestants. If you have the opportunity to go – DO IT. Just make sure to have fun and stand out

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