This Tumblr Cosplay Won NYCC

1. Ji Hyun Kim of New Jersey dressed up as Tumblr for New York Comic Con and went around posing with people cosplaying characters that the website loves.

Tumblr and Jimmy Neutron

2. #PurpleShirtOfSex

Tumblr and Sherlock Holmes (from BBC’s Sherlock)

3. #HelloListeners

Tumblr and Cecil (from Welcome to Night Vale)

4. #GodOfSexiness

Tumblr and Loki

5. #PerfectAssholes

Gareth David Lloyd, Tumblr and John Barrowman (from Torchwood)

6. #PreciousAngelBB

Tumblr and Castiel (from Supernatural)

7. #WheresTheImpala

Tumblr and Dean (from Supernatural)

8. #ItStillHurts

Tumblr and the 10th Doctor (from Doctor Who)

9. #BestMovieEver

Tumblr and Sharknado

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