Community Post: Why I Should Be BuzzFeed’s New Design Intern

1. I can…

2. Create graphics for a variety of subjects.

Just check out my Behance.

3. Observe current design trends on Pinterest and across the web.

Lulz. Of Course.
#ilovetheinternet & Pinterest

4. Work with editors to come up with creative solutions to illustrate posts.

All day & some nights. Whenever you need me. I’m right here!

5. Assist the design team with the creation of headers, infographics, illustrations, type treatments and more.

Graphics, on graphics, on graphics.

6. Optimize, organize, and prepare files for web

But for real…

7. I have…

8. Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


9. Degree or course of study in graphic design.

Oh yes.

10. Strong sense of typography.


11. Ability to work under a tight deadline.

Not a problem.

12. Great communication skills and a talent for collaboration.

I love teamwork!

13. An interest in current events, pop culture, and social media.

Come on

14. I already send in a cover letter explaining why you would be a good (great) fit for this position to JobScore

But here is another link to my:
Resume & Portfolio

15. Please hire me.

I wrote a post about Why I Want To Work For BuzzFeed.

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