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Join Now - Learn to Play Piano by ChordsClick Image To Visit SiteIn this course you’ll learn how to form all the important chords (Triads) on the piano and you learn how to shift smoothly from one chord to another. You’ll get a wide range of grooves which you will be able to use in an endless number of songs. We will play popular songs such as Imagine, One Love, Summer Loving (from Grease) and many more  in different genres.

This course will help you to deepen your knowledge in the world of chords. We will expand our chords’ vocabulary, learning to play songs with four voices that sound very interesting and impressive. We will start exploring challenging grooves from the world of Blues, Bossa Nova, Jazz, and Swing which will promise that you’ll be playing like a PRO!

This course will help you to play solo piano by combining the melody and accompaniment with both hands at the same time. You will learn to read the melody from a piano sheet or play it by ear, and then figure out how to create the perfect accompaniment just by reading the chords’ symbols above the melody line, while you explore all the popular genres like Pop, Rock, Disco, Musicals and more…

With the One-Year Plan you pay only once, can download and save all the pdf’s and videos to your PC, and at Christmas time you will also get our Christmas bonuses.

With the Monthly Plan you have access to all the tutorials and pdf’s and your account is billed monthly (until you cancel).

You are blessed and I pray God to bless you twice. You are so good that I may not compare you with the others, wish you good luck, Thank you.” 

There are two differences: 1. With both plans you can watch the videos 24/7 on any device over and over. However, with the one year plan you can also download and save all the videos to your PC. 2. With the monthly plan your account is billed monthly (until you cancel), while with the one year plan you will be billed only once. At the end of the year you will not be billed again. Read more…

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