Community Post: 19 Childhood-Defining ’90s Aussie TV Shows

1. The Ferals

Four cracked-out bogan animals living with two Uni students. A rat called Rattus, a feral cat called Modigliana, a rabbit called Mixy, and a feral dog called Derryn.

2. Skippy

The most legendary native bush hero of our time who is basically MacGyver.

3. Round The Twist

If you weren’t already a child with a vivid imagination, Round The Twist fixed that. Anyone else hunt for babies in a cabbage patch or exploding talking mushrooms in their backyard? What the eff.

4. Agro’s Cartoon Connection

Australia’s favourite (and wildly inappropriate) hand puppet.

5. Ship To Shore

Hermes Endakis still terrifies me to this day.

6. Heartbreak High

The home of resident bad boy and teen heartthrob Drazic AKA Callan Mulvey and the show that made the phrase “rack off” famous.

7. Acropolis Now

Who could forget the most beloved family of Aussie Wogs?

8. Full Frontal

Australia’s finest sketch comedy show and the home legends like Milo Kerrigan, Peter AKA “Poida”, and defactos Neville and Beulah.

9. Mirror, Mirror

Time travel via mirrors is heaps legit.


The key is in the boot of the car, you idiot!

11. Ocean Girl

The mysterious Neri AKA Ocean Girl who only befriends sea animals. We all thought we could speak “Whale” as a result.

12. Spellbinder

Kids travelling to parallel universes. What more could you want?

13. Recovery

The greatest live music show to ever air in Australia. Especially when punk bands like Green Day would come on and tear up the set. Reminisce here.

14. Mr Squiggle – the man from the moon.

Pretty much proof the entire ABC children’s television department were on drugs. Hard drugs.

15. Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

400 people go into the studio to compete for a holiday they have to take that night. Whatever happened to quality game shows like this?

16. Genie From Down Under

Bruce and Baz have been sent to make Penelope’s flippant wishes come true. Penelope was a bitch.

17. Man O Man

I probably wasn’t meant to watch this as a kid, but the best part was when the bitches got to push the dud dudes into the pool.

18. Gladiators

Let’s face it, the challengers were never gonna beat Taipan. He was scary as shit.

19. Pugwall

Peter Unwin George Wall AKA Pugwall forms a band with his buds called the Orange Organics. Who the eff really has names like Bazza, Orfo, and Stringbean? Clearly just another show about bogans.

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