The New & Improved Play Piano By Ear Super Course For Busy Adults

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The New & Improved Play Piano By Ear Super Course For Busy AdultsClick Image To Visit SiteAlong with my Play Piano By Ear Audio Super Course, you’ll receive access to my 9-Week Online Chord Program covering the most essential chords being used in contemporary music.

My private students would expect to pay close to $300 for nine weeks of specialized instruction.

I’m also giving you Instant Access to 12 Additional Online Lessons that will teach you my Chord Method of playing the piano.

Remember, it’s essential for you to know the Chord Method before you can learn how to play piano by ear!

These 12 Lessons, which include over 24 Premium Online Videos, will teach you the important basics of chord piano.

Now to get you fully prepared for the best part of my learning system you’ll also receive access to 40 additional Intermediate and Advanced online chord piano video lessons! 

In these 40 online, premium videos you will master chord piano. Everything from blocked chords, 7th chords and slash chords to proper fingering and hand positions – and so much more!

There’s nothing better than having a piano teacher show you the step-by-step process to learning how to play the piano. That’s why each video lesson features an Overhead Camera View, allowing you to see every note and chord being played!

This will give you a huge advantage over my private students who are learning these same techniques! 

I use EZ Read Sheet Music in all of my video and audio lessons! Click Here to download free samples of my specialized EZ Read sheet music!

Everything I’ve mentioned above would cost you well over $1,800 if you were taking private lessons…

I’ve gone to great lengths to help you reach your dream of playing the piano the way you’ve always wanted to play. I don’t want you to experience one more failure at piano. 

It’s imperative that you understand all 3 steps in my 3-Step Process before starting your "Play Piano By Ear" training.

With 24 Lessons broken down into 117 individual, ear-opening exercises, your playing will never be the same!

I developed my entire course for students who have struggled with traditional piano instruction. My course was designed to bypass the formal methods taught in conventional lessons which are extremely complex and time consuming. 

With my Play Piano By Ear Super Course, you’ll be learning songs from day one. You’ll start off learning basic melodies and simple, 2-chord songs, allowing your ear to hear a simple chord change.

As your ear grows, the next group of lessons will focus on adding one extra chord, forcing your ear to stretch just a little further without putting too much stress on it.

As your ear and confidence grows even more, you’ll progress to 4-chord songs, and then multiple-chord songs with 5 or more chords. Learning to play piano by ear will give you the freedom that every piano player dreams about.

These 21 additional "play by ear" lessons, (totaling 71 advanced exercises), will allow you to instantly… Read more…

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